Protect Yourself! Change Your Passwords!

admin  -  May 18, 2012  -   -  Comments Off on Protect Yourself! Change Your Passwords!
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We have all seen the friendly pop-up box asking if we would like our computer to remember our password. And let’s face it, in today’s hectic world between online banking, email, credit cards, Facebook, etc., we do have a lot of passwords to keep up with. So what do we do? We let the computer remember our passwords, even if it is not the most secure thing to do. Why? Because it’s our home computer and we feel safe at home or simply because it’s easy.

If you are going through or contemplating a divorce, change your passwords immediately, especially on your personal email accounts and on your Facebook account! You can never be too safe, so even if your computer doesn’t remember the passwords automatically, you still should change them to be safe and best protect your privacay.

It sounds like a simple thing, but truthfully in my practice most people don’t think about it. If you have scheduled a meeting to meet with me or have retained me as your attorney, you are obviously handling emotional tolling events on a day-to-day basis and may not remember the simplest of things you need to do to protect your privacy, but that’s where I come in to help. In today’s world we access a large amount of personal information every single day over the Internet, which is only protected by a password – a password that you made up so you can remember it easily. If you have lived with your ex, chances are they know some or all of your passwords. Just think of the passwords that you may know of theirs. This means all of your personal information is accessible to your ex and may be used against you in an indirect manner.

Obviously, you won’t need to change the passwords on certain online accounts, such as your joint online mortgage account or your joint banking account, but as far as personal, individual online accounts like email or facebook and even individual banking accounts, you should take precaution now to protect yourself so you won’t be sorry later.

Divorce will bring about a lot of change in your life. Your passwords are one thing that you can and should change to keep control in your life. So, what do you want to take away from this blog post? Now is the time to change your passwords! Don’t think about it. Go! Change them!


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