Simple Wills/Living Wills/Healthcare Directives

Ashley believes that everyone should have a last will and testament. Did you know that if you do not create a valid will for yourself, the State of Louisiana will determine who receives the assets within your estate? Do you really want the State of Louisiana to decide to whom your property will be dispersed upon your death?

Ashley can prepare a simple will for you to dictate where and how your property will be distributed upon your death and to ensure that you, and not the State of Louisiana, determine the division of your own estate. Ashley can also create a simple trust within the will for the benefit of a minor child. A simple will can be straightforward or as detailed as you desire.

Do you have strong feelings on life-support and whether or not you wish to be placed on life-support should you be in a position where you are unable to make the decision for yourself? If so, a healthcare directive or a living will is a document that you should carefully consider. Ashley can also discuss these options with you in order to prepare your personal life-sustaining decisions into a legally enforceable document.